Brass and Woodwinds

In addition to maintaining our own fleet of student rental instruments, our repair shop is ready to service your brass or woodwind instrument. From a routine cleaning to a complete repad, we will get you playing again in no time.  Email for more info.

Common Maintenance Services

Pull Stuck Mouthpiece $No Charge
Recork Sax Necks $20.00
Recork Clarinet Joints $15.00
Individual Pad Replacement $8.00
Pull Stuck Slide $20.00
Solder Brace etc. $20.00
Valve Repair $20.00+

Basic Routine Maintenance-Woodwinds Check all corks, felts, and pads, reseating of pads, key cork replacement as needed, key action adjustment, lubrication, and straightening as needed.

Flute $45-60.00
Clarinet $40-55.00
Alto Sax $50-65.00
Tenor Sax $55-70.00
Baritone Sax $75-90.00

Basic Routine Maintenance-Brasswinds Internal cleaning, adjust valve height, replace valve felts and corks as needed, pull and lube slides. Additional charges may apply to severely corroded slides, dent removal, and solder work.

Trumpet/Trombone $65.00
Baritone $75.00
French Horn $90.00

Economy Repad Replace all pads, lubricate, and adjust to playing condition. Does not include cleaning and polishing.

Clarinet $150.00
Alto Sax $275.00
Tenor Sax $300.00

Complete Repad Disassembly of keys, cleaning and polishing of body and keys, new pads, new joint or neck corks, straightening of keys, lubrication, and final adjustment for optimum playability.

Clarinet $250.00
Flute $250.00
Alto Sax $450.00
Tenor Sax $475.00
Bari Sax $650.00